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Comparison Tool for MOTOROLA Portable Radios


Motorola recently introduced their new R7 Series to replace the DP4000 Series radios, and the R2 Series to replace the DP1400 Series Radios.  The DP4000 Series and the DP1400 Series will soon be phased out.


Having access to all the necessary information is crucial for customers needing to make an informed decision, whether they are upgrading their current fleet, or purchasing a new system.


That's where XEVA comes in. We've compiled a simple and user-friendly tool that compares the specifications and features of both series. You can even compare different models within a single series to determine which one suits your needs best. With just a couple of clicks, you can view the full list of radio features and easily spot any differences between the two models, which will be highlighted in red.


To download our comparison tool, simply log in to your account. We hope this tool will be beneficial to you and your customers in making the right decision for your communication needs.


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