An Introduction

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The Vokkero Guardian portfolio includes a range of radios that provide fully hands-free communication. The radios operate full-duplex which means they can transmit and receive at the same time and thus provide communications without having a push-to-talk (PTT) button. They are therefore very similar to how you would use a mobile phone but providing you with secure communications and a wide range of headsets to meet both normal and harsh environments. This gives you the ability to interrupt a conversation and relay important messages.


The radios operate on dedicated channels away from the normal business licenced radio and 446 unlicensed band. Communications are also digital and thus provide excellent audio quality as well as the ability to help remove ambient noise that might normally make normal speech difficult to hear.


The Vokkero Guardian is used in lots of applications where the need to communicate with colleagues has to be hands free and perhaps where ear protection or working environments requires a robust and versatile device.


Vokkero Guardian is widely used in:


  • Sports venues, perhaps for Referees to talk to line staff
  • Tour Guides around factories or manufacturing plants
  • Manufacturing plants where workers need to communicate hands free
  • Testing facilities where an instruction to 'All Stop' can be heard over normal conversation