NexLog EXP-Series Recorder

XEVA is launching professional recording solutions from the American company Eventide.  Eventide is a Motorola Application Partner and XEVA has been appointed a Solutions Partner for their professional recorder portfolio. Below you will find the details of the Eventide EXP Series Recorder.


Recording and Replay Solution for up to 16 Audio Inputs - Fully compatible with MOTOTRBO


The NexLog EXP-Series recorder is the ideal solution for capturing and storing telephone, radio, or intercom audio (and available metadata) at organisations requiring sixteen or fewer audio inputs recorded.


Simple Browser-based User Access


The NexLog EXP-Series enables users to access recordings via a browser with network connectivity to the recorder’s IP address or URL. The NexLog EXP-Series recorder includes Eventide’s MediaWorks-EXP software (shown below) for highly intuitive searching, replay and export of recordings.





The NexLog EXP-Series recorder is designed to record analogue, digital PBX, and VoIP phone inputs from telephone systems.  The NexLog EXP-Series recorder also supports the recording of selected radio consoles, IP-based DMR and NXDN radio systems and SIP-based intercom systems, including IPSC, CAP+ and LCP.


Security and Reliability

The NexLog EXP-Series recorder comes with role-based security and is built using Linux, which is known for its reliability.

Hardware/Software Profile

Self-contained Linux-based 1U rack-mountable unit, with Dual SSD’s (RAID1 mirroring) for storage integrity. The unit uses Eventide’s highly reliable NexLog enterprise recording software.

Software Update Subscription (EXPSUS)

The first 12-month period of EXPSUS coverage is included with the purchase of a NexLog EXP-Series recorder. Users will be required to purchase an additional license after the first year to maintain coverage, security and reliability.

Recording Analysis

Evaluate and add notes or annotations to stored recordings for reference purposes. Create incidents which can save and retain selected recordings and metadata for evidential purposes.


Management and Monitoring

Each NexLog EXP-Series recorder comes standard with a web-based User Interface for configuration, administration, and system monitoring.

Automatic Archiving

Each NexLog EXP-Series recorder includes an Archiving license to continuously transfer recordings to one external USB Hard Drive or USB Thumb Drive, or to one Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

Recording Channel Configurations

Up to 16 total recording channels. Choices: All analogue channels, all digital PBX channels, all VoIP channels, combination of analogue + VoIP channels, or combination of digital PBX + VoIP channels.


Choose one of the many export options of the recordings to provide the evidence to the required parties. This can be in simple wav format, packed together with a version of the client (pack and go) or downloaded in an encrypted format.  


To find out more about the Eventide NexLog EXP-Series Recorder, please click on the link below to go to its product page on the XEVA website.




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