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  • Allows complex custom reports to be designed by the end user with greater complexity

  • Metadata Integration license
  • Provides functionality that integrates with and accept data from third party systems and enable special handling of some data within the recorder.

  • For Telex Vega, Zetron MAX Dispatch, Zetron ACOM, Avtec Scout, C4i, CSS Mindshare, Catalyst, Motorola Wave 5000, Raven M4X, RadioPro Dispatch, Omnitronics, SmartPTT

  • Enables the DX to record Windows PC screens

  • Customisable trigger settings on when to start and stop recording

  • Add additional licence to allow more PC screens to be recorded

  • Provides a comprehensive and configurable workflow for evaluation of call handling and dispatch calls recorded on your NexLog Recorder.

  • Add 8 extra connection licences to allow 8 more users to connect to the recorder at once to view recordings etc.

  • Call records can now be tagged with location metadata which can be used to visualise where calls are coming from.

  • The location data can also be used as criteria for searches.

  • Only applicable to certain systems, such as TETRA. MOTOTRBO not supported.

  • Enable recordings to be exported in MP3 format

  • Add 8 connection licences for mobile phone users

  • Allows  integration between an Eventide NexLog DX-Series system and Mitel 3300 IP PBX running MiVoice Business software, using Secure Recording Connector (SRC) for recording.

  • The SRC is a service of the Mitel Border Gateway, which facilitates the recording of Mitel Encrypted voice streams by third-party call recording equipment (CRE).

  • The Mitel 3300 and MBG must be appropriately licensed for the SRC service (this is done through Mitel).

  • Allows use of Built in Bridge, which Cisco defines as using the IP Phone’s internal DSP resources, not a SPAN of the Ethernet switch port. Instead it uses a SIP trunk to record a duplicate stream of audio from the recorded phones via the phones own built in ‘bridge’.

  • Allows the user to export an offline incident with a built in player

  • Allows a user to upload media to a NexLog DX-Series recorder channel, and use that media for incidents, evaluations, or general playback.

  • Includes images and videos.

  •  One time account setup fee per reseller account
  • The NexLog Monitoring Server (NMS) is a HTTPS based monitoring application for NexLog DX-Series products.

  • When licensed and configured, a NexLog DX-Series will send a heartbeat to the NMS with alarms, call statistics, and database statistics.

  • The NMS saves the alarm state and gives the user an organized dashboard to view all their NexLog DX-Series™ and their health 24x7.

  • The NMS has the following features:

  • Health Dashboard: A real time 24x7 dashboard to view all your NexLog DX-Series and their health

  • Alarm Filtering: Create custom reusable alarm filters for each recorder

  • Contact Groups: Group Technicians together and assign them to specific recorders

  • Recorder Groups: Group your NexLog DX-Series together for easy access/organisation

  • Speech Factor AI - Always on Speech Analytics
  • Per channel, Up to 1,000 voice activity hours Per 12 months
  • With this add on users can transcribe specified channels either in real-time (Always On Mode) or selected recordings (On Demand Mode) to provide quick and accurate dictation on calls and events.

  • Speech Factor AI - User selected on demand Speech to Text Transcription
  • Up to 1,000 voice activity hours Per 12 months
  • With this add on users can transcribe specified channels with selected recordings (On Demand Mode) to provide quick and accurate dictation on calls and events.

  • Add one NexlogDX recorder to the Nexlog Monitoring Server (NMS) for one 12 month period
  • Requires NexLog DX monitoring system account

  •  Allows you to configure your recorder to encrypt the recordings stored on its internal RAID hard disk drives for increased security.

  • NOTE:  Without this licence all call audio will be recorded on the NexLog DX-Series’s internal RAID in a proprietary, but unencrypted, format. The proprietary nature of the audio format makes the data difficult, but not impossible, to play back with off the shelf utilities.

  • If Encryption at Rest is enabled, all call audio will be recorded and encrypted using a 256-bit AES key.

  • Add one channel for RTP/RTSP camera recording.

  • Recording needs to be sent to the recorder, the recorder will not request the stream.